I am very sad to announce this, but I will not be able to finish this year at Fairy Tales. Unfortunately it is costing me more to work there than I am taking home. I have been offered a nannying position for Wednesdays, and taking home about the same amount as working a whole week. I hope you guys can understand and I'm very sorry it is such short notice. As of right now I am only nannying on Wednesdays, and if any of you are interested or know any one else in need of quality childcare, I am not charging very much, live in Waltham across from a big playground, and have plenty of educational toys.  My personal email address is cbenoit5@yahoo.com and you can email me anytime. I will miss you all and good luck!
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Daniel brought a guitar and his wig to share with his friends and show off his music skills. Check out the pictures to see your child dressed up.
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We got a new parachute and played many games with it. We put balls in the middle to see how high we could throw them up, and even sat in the middle while we sang "Row your Boat" while pulling back and forth.
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After the blizzard we decided to play out in the snow. We pretended to explore the arctic and even built a snowman!
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Welcome To Our Class Ariella
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We had a great time Thursday for our Valentines Day Party. In the morning we used flower petals to make our own flowers for our families. At circle time we read, T'was The Night Before Valentine's Day, and sang the song "I Love You". After nap we each sat on our circle mats holding the mailboxes we made. Each of us took a turn to pass out Valentines if they brought them. Finally we enjoyed a nice snack altogether at the table and said goodbye to our friend Ashni who has now moved up to preschool. It was a great time. 
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